At Patent Shoes, our goal is to  produce  a biodegradable leather for footwear manufacturing. Made of biological and recyclable materials, non-toxic and with reduced costs in water and energy consumption, it will be better for you… and for the world.


Animal skins are currently used as a source of natural leather for the footwear industry – a major source of environmental and sustainability concerns. This is because livestock require enormous amounts of food, pastureland, water and fossil fuel, and animal skin and hides need tanning to be stabilised, what results is significant pollution of the air and waterways, as well as harmful effects on our health.

By 2030, modern proteins for food will supply cow meat and the demand for cow products will have fallen by 70%. The market by volume for leather is likely to have declined by more than 90%. It is «the disruption of the cow».

One alternative is synthetic leather produced by the chemical industry, but this also generates environmental impacts related to contamination by plastics, CO2 footprint, and the release of toxic chemicals to the environment. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop new alternatives to both animal and synthetic leather.

Patent Shoes addressed this challenge by developing an eco-friendly leather-like material that requires less time, water and energy to manufacture and employs no harmful chemicals: BacLEATHER.