Patent Shoes is a company that designs and commercializes top quality footwear carefully and proudly produced in Spain. Our shoes are handmade by expert artisans in workshops with the best know-how worldwide, mostly located in the Levante area, the heart of the Spanish shoe industry.  We combine the best tradition from the past with the use of the finest leathers and high quality materials to provide our customers with a unique experience, a pair of comfortable, healthy and charming handmade shoes.

We are aware of the importance of foot care through top quality leathers, like the softest skin lining in all our current designs.  Since our objective is to provide the best quality and healthy shoes at present and in the future, we are interested in developing and introducing novel biomaterials that show improved care and comfort properties at the service of the leather industry. Tissue engineering is a method of growing tissues that has been developed initially for medical applications. This emerging medical field weaves together several fields of science and engineering to make tissues and organs that can mimic, restore, maintain or improve body function. It is time to use biological engineering to make leather without animals. We now have the ability to design and engineer biomaterials so they have additional performance properties that they couldn’t have in nature.